SocietalSystem ( StS )
Humanity's New Operating Complex

Leadership failing ?
Time for common citizens to proactively undertake uncommon interventions !
Key-challenge: Lifting the current low mental-societal age of mankind,
from personal behaviour to societal governance,  say politics.

World Societal System

Global-Local Societal Deliberative Crowd-Governance Platform
projected to become fully operational towards 2030.
Aggregate Homepage.

Research, deliberation and implementation platform for the reorganization of the global-local societal governance system,
and its replacement, towards 2030, in parallel with the UN SDG plan, by SocietalSystem driven entities, documents, and operating dynamics.
In shocking times, only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.

Soon online
Meta Crowd-Pogram 2020-2030 for a Societal Revision and Shift
of all Philosophical and Mental Concepts, Governance and Management Methods, Laws, Treaties,
Disciplines, Professions, Societal Sectors, Societal Entities, Products, Services and  Events.
Roughly every 250 years mankind lives a major change in the roots of its existence.
Now is the time for a new experience, this time a survival defining one.
Top of the revision topics: the twin Discipline Economlics and Discipline Law,
both outdated, and btw since ever, based on a series of aberrations, say clothes of the emperor.

Other topics for research and reorientation: the replacement of outdated binomies
as private-public or left-right ideologies, and political parties, by 'societal', etc.

From Rouseau's 1762 Contrat Social towards a Societal Interaction Complex.

Societal globalization, a higher mental-societal age for humankind.
Towards the perception that any locality is part of the whole earth's biosphere, linked to any other locality.
and that any human being is part of  the whole of humanity.
Denying both, still worldwide dominant in politics, business and personal way of life, is the manifestation of a 3-5 years old child's mental/societal age,
the holistic root of most person-planet problems of our time.

In preparation
Mental-Societal Age Index

SocietalSystem prepares a rating, research, surveys, deliberations and sensibilization plan on the mental-societal age
of people, entities, products, services, events and geo-territories.

Out of the black hole ...
Governance, say politics, seems to be the central platform of the world's societal organization, locally to globally.
It also seems to became society's weakest component, least coherent and most subject to conflicting influences and manipulation.
Indeed, politics, as practiced now, specially party politics, whatever their ideology, became the black hole of society.
Unfortunately, most alternatives or oppositions seem to rather reinforce the dominant model, as they lack "societally systemic" * proposals or mechanisms.

, as its name indicates, proposes a thinking model for a new societal organization system, to be deliberated by anyone concerned.

To put the project in practice, an extensive societal deliberations workshops program is being prepared for organization in the Algarve Region, Portugal
and gradually to be replicated, be it adapted, worldwide.

Objective is to reach a viable societal organization matrix towards 2025,
and implement the main structures and mechanisms towards 2030,

avoiding a point of no return for the survival of the biosphere and humanity.

The whole StS-Program 2020-2030 runs parallel with the UN 2030 SDG Program,
for which a modulable platform is developpend within StS.

An analogue platform is constructed for the UN Climate Change Initiative,
one only of the planet's major surviving challenges.

The teneur of the StS-Plan is intelligent, open deliberation,
resulting in impact-proven instruments and initiatives, beyond academic theses

as well as protest actions and manifestations, although all these are important,
however missing effective down-up applications.

* Societally systemic = society organization project or measure adaptable and
replicable, simultaneously, worldwide
cfr pc-operating system or internet protocol.

Societal Governance Root-Proposals 2020-2030
Series of top priority, some chocking, proposals and projects for gradually establishing a culture of deliberative governance
and the conditions for a viable and inclusive society and way of life model.
The ensemble and each of the items is being send through a permanent global-local flow, cfr particles accelerators of
data, information, research, surveys, opinion polls, deliberations, decisions, training and implementations.
And this online, however mainly in real life, local conference meeting rooms, be it e-connected where relevant.

Top of the bill of global root-proposals, without which
any real economic, social, environmental and well-being effort, as well as democratization plan is effectless:

1. the replacement of the GDP as, false, quality indicator of the economy and economy growth by the Panergetic Index.
False indeed, as the GDP contains a gowing part of corrective expenses, say problem related expenses.
For the world as a hole, probably around 50 % !
Related: replacement of mercantilist prices by panergetic prices.
Idem for salaries, pensions, profit of enterprises, stock market values, etc.
2. Declaring void all money that is not related to socio-economy, indeed evaporating all false, yes fake, billionaires, etc.
( contesting extreme rich-poor gap is falling in the the trap to recognize false wealth, kind of "clothes of the emperor" )
3. Cancel-forbid all forms of interest on money.
4. Citizens: not buying-consuming products and services that are panergetically negative,
currently about 50 % of industrial countries' economy.
Cfr. poor people stopping making excessive, fake, rich people even richer ...
Soon more online.

See also:
SocietalSystem Main Projects and Project Groups
More than 250, many of them deliberated or experimented in more than 10 countries.
Now ready to be operationally prepared.
SocietalSystem is looking for a Global Supervisor for each of the given projects or project groups,
as well as, gradually, a e-Regional Supervisor for each project per province, département, préfecture, county, etc.
as there are about 10.000 of them in the world
Navigation Table SocietalSystem Main Projects and Project Groups
Preliminary stage of the list. Many links not yet active.

In preparation, to be operational from december 2019,
beyond opposition, mass manifestations and current democracy alternatives:

StS-Parallels Plan 2020-2030
for Local-Global Societal Public Governance
Research, Deliberations and Implementation Program for the societally systemic replacement or steering
of all major Local-Global Public Documents, Decisions, Laws, Initiatives, Entities, Political Parties and Action Groups,
Elected Reponsables and Public Officers.
Interventions upon political elections is part of the program as well, starting with the European Parliament Elections of May 2024
The program will gradually cover all the world's 300.000+ Municipalities, 10.000+ Provinces and the likes,
200 Countries and dozens of International Public Organizations

All documents are standard StS-Codified and outlayed, modulable and easily replicable, as well as 3D cross-over linkable.
Citizens worldwide can directly take part in the process through their Personal Own-Domain Site,
idem for schools, associations and enterprises through their Professional Own-Domain Sites.
Note: SocietalSystem does not use or link to "social networks", only to own-domain sites.

  Download Table-file Preliminary Selection Open Data Documents for StS-Parallel Plans to prepare
Similar documents are being edited and released for research, deliberations and citizens' interventions
on gradually all local to global geo-territories.
Table-File StS-Parallel for the United Nations Charter
Soon online StS-Parallel Documents, edited in modulable and codified form, cfr. the above UN Charter, on:
UN 2030 SDG - UN Climate Change IPCC - EU Lisbon Treaty - Brexit-EU Agreement 17.10.2019
Municipal Budgets 2020 Namur, Lisbon, Essaouira, Brussels Region, Silves, etc.
Governments Plans 2019+: Wallonie, Vlaanderen, Brussels Region, Portugal, Maroc, etc.

Administration Structure Public Administrations: Namur, Wallonie, Faro, Essaouira, Ouarzazate, Brasilia, etc..

Under construction
Pilot Parallel Deliberative Geo-Territorial Societal Governance Platforms
Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Platform, World

Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Platform, United Nations
Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Platform, Europe Continent
Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Platform, European Union
Plateforme de Gouvernance Sociétale Délibérative Parallèlle, Région de Bruxelles, Belgique
Plateforme de Gouvernance Sociétale Délibérative Parallèlle, Région de Wallonie, Belgique
Plateforme de Gouvernance Sociétale Délibérative Parallèlle, Ville de Namur, Région Wallonie, Belgique
Parallel Deliberatief Societaal Beleidsplatform, Regio Vlaanderen, België
Plataforma de Governação Societal Deliberativa Paralela, Região Alentejo, Portugal
Plataforma de Governação Societal Deliberativa Paralela, Região Algarve, Portugal
Plataforma de Governação Societal Deliberativa Paralela, Concelho de Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Gradual construction of the same platform for all

200 countries, 12.000+ e-regions, 300.000+ municipalities and submunicipalities of the world.

Workshops for Deliberative Governance Coaches in preparation, starting january 2020 in
Algarve, Portugal, Namur and Brussels, Belgium, etc.

See also
World Societal Workshops Program 2020-2030

Algarve, Portugal

Global Corporates' Societal Clustering Plan
Along a movement for Parallel Governance, an initiative is evenly vital, the radical resetting of the functioning of global corporates.
One of them should be a societal clustering.
See also, above, the replacement of the GDP by a Panergetic Index and dito Mercantilist Prices by Panergetic Prices.
Soon more to follow.

Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites+Sets
replacing gradually the commercial so-called social networks,
which are the contra-essence of democracy and selfrespect
plus, an enormous waste of time and generator of conflicts and fake news
Personal and Professional Own-Domain Sites System

All people and entities linked by the SocietalSystem Platform have to use their own-domain site.
StS does not link to social networks.

Societal Governance Entities

Table-File World Countries and Regions Societal Governance Entities
Local StS-Centers, Network per e-Region
Local Citizens StS-Workgroups, Network per e-Region

Members with Personal Own-Domain Site

World Societal Governance WatchBoard
Table-File World Geo-Territories Geo-Politics WatchBoard
Table-File World Societal Sectors and SubSectors Geo-Politics WatchBoard
Elections, Summits, Official Visits, Treaties, Conflicts, Manifestations, ...
SocietalSystem-Analyses, Proposals and Interventions
Monthly Reports. Gradually, Weekly and Daily Reports

Information welcome.
Same file models applied per Geo-Territory, as World Regions, Countries and e-Regions.
The whole set of data soon into one multicrateria database.

Correspondents per continent, country and region welcome.

Soon online.
Complementary world watch tools include: Earth Alerts

eGloc, Local-Global Societal Currency Project
Driving the real economy, debt-free, interest-free.
For non-speculative, local socio-economy transactions and societal investment.
To be integreted into Personal and Professional Own-Domains.
Complementary to official currencies.
Soon online

(S)Elections 2020-2030 Plan
Table-File World Countries and Regions Elections 2020-2030 with StS-Intervention proposals
(S)Elections are the StS-proposed method for deliberative democracy and elections,
based on a permanent program of citizens' steered
street surveys and analyses,
leading to systemic solutions for regional and local societal organization in general
and inclusive and sustainable socio-economy in particular
Differences with conventional elections include that the programs to apply after the elections
are those resulting from the previous permanent deliberations,
and elected representatives are committed to execute only those programs.
Changes have to follow a similar deliberations flow.

More, with this system, current type of party programs become irrelevant.
Reference: Wikipedia List of World Elections 2020
Gradually, all elections listed will be object of an StS-Dossier, possibly intervention program.

SocietalSystem is looking for Research-Editors and Coaches
for developping and coordinating Societal Governance Parallels, per municipality, region and country in the world..

Conferences, Workshops and Training Programs soon programmed.
Objective is to motivate 1% of the population of each local-global geo-territory to take on the challenge.
It could become the major and most effective transition movement in history.
Interested ?

Platform under construction:
Gradually, towards 2030, replacing political parties by
Local-Global Deliberative Societal Governance Platforms

StS-Consortium "Parties"
Table-File SocietalSystem Consortium Parties, World Geo-Territories

Platform under construction:
Citizens' Interaction, with impact, on World Geopolitics
Table-File Citizens Interaction with Geo-Politics
Citizens can and should do much more than watching passively international politics passing by.
Much more than street protests and mass manifestations,
much more than academic papers or civil society's resolutions, which all of them are relevant, but way not enough.
See also: Table-File StS-Parallels for Official National and Regional Geopolitics
Table-File StS-Parallels for current World Actualities
including Middle-East, Brexit, Catalonia, US Presidential Elections 2020, 
Iran, USA-China Trade,
Climate Change, Capitalism Revision,
Lire aussi: Dimension humain dans gouvernance mondiale.
Assia Bensalah Alaoui, Ambassadeur itinérant du Roi Mohamed VI, Maroc

Platform under construction:
Gradually, towards 2030, replacing the United Nations
by a Societal System Global Governance Consortium

The UN is a platform, not of nations, but of states, of which most governments
are steered by global private and public sectoral bodies, even inside de Security Council.

Why not, Transition and Climate Public Manifestations
with Personal Consumption and Way of Life Commitments
Almost all manifestations carry slogans for changes by governments and corporations.
But, who is consuming the corporates' products and services ?

Originally would be manifestations with appeals to stop consuming products
that are scientifically proven to be harmfull for man and the planet,
for example, "I stop drinking Coca-Cola and similar soft drinks",
"Stop smoking industrial tobacco ', "Use an Own-Domain Site instead of Facebook" etc
Soon related StS-Dossier and material online, with scientifical references per item.

Key-Sources for Financing Climate Change Solutions
More than 50 % of all environmental and health problems and expenses do not need any finance !
It's simple:stop consuming disease and pollution related products and services !
And replace them, where relevant, by sustainable, regional alternatives, which should generate millions of selffulfilling jobs
as well as drastically reduce de export of "profit", one of the major export items in middle and low developped countries.

Reminder: in e free market, anyone is free not to consume any product or service, and openly promote this.
Manual-Dossier soon online.

StS-Contacts Meta-DataBase
StS-Contacts List for StS-Parallels as well as for Open Proposals to StS-Partnership
Table-File Potential and Effected Contacts for Societal Governance Interaction and Parallels, Societal Sectors Outline
Table-File Potential and Effected Contacts for Societal Governance Interaction and Parallels, Geo-Territorial Outline
Files under construction, suggestions welcome.
Note: the given entities are NOT yet contacted by SocietalSystem, unless otherwise indicated.
Reactions on possible contacts will be published on the present platform.

Feel free to contact yourself any person or entity to be involved
in the StS-Plan
for Societal Governance Parallels and related initiatives and events.

If possible publish a report on your own-domain site. StS will link to it.
See also: Union of International Organizations UIA

World Societal Governance Agenda 2019-2030
Page per month. Data per day.
Site under revision.

Societal Governance related external References
not necessarily endorsed by SocietalSystem ( StS )
European Social Surveys, Exploring Public Attitudes, Informing Public Policy
Managing Information Chaos,

Related features:
Evident complements to the Governance StS-Parallels, the
Personal and Professional Societal Commitment Open Declarations
and Global-Regional-Local Socio-economy Solidarity Networks
Soon on


See also project:

World Societal Governance e-Resort
Thinking model of a global societal governance coordinating center, projected on a real area, in the Alentejo region, Portugal.


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