SocietalSystem ( StS )

World Societal System

Global-Local Societal Crowd-Governance Platform

Research, deliberation and implementation platform for the reorganization of the global-local societal governance system,
and its replacement, towards 2030, in parallel with the UN SDG plan, by SocietalSystem driven entities, documents, and operating dynamics.
In shocking times, only shocking proposals and projects are realistic.

In preparation, to be operational from december 2019,
beyond opposition, mass manifestations and current democracy alternatives:

StS-Parallels Plan 2020-2030
for Local-Global Societal Public Governance
Research, Deliberations and Implementation Program for the societally systemic replacement or steering
of all major Local-Global Public Documents, Decisions, Laws, Initiatives, Entities, Political Parties and Action Groups,
Elected Reponsables and Public Officers.
Interventions upon political elections is part of the program as well, starting with the European Parliament Elections of May 2024
The program will gradually cover all the world's 300.000+ Municipalities, 10.000+ Provinces and the likes,
200 Countries and dozens of International Public Organizations

All documents are standard StS-Codified and outlayed, modulable and easily replicable, as well as 3D cross-over linkable.
Citizens worldwide can directly take part in the process through their Personal Own-Domain Site,
idem for schools, associations and enterprises through their Professional Own-Domain Sites.
Note: SocietalSystem does not use or link to "social networks", only to own-domain sites.

SocietalSystem is looking for Research-Editors and Coaches
for developping and coordinating Societal Governance Parallels, per municipality, region and country in the world..

Conferences, Workshops and Training Programs soon  programmed.
Objective is to motivate 1% of the population of each local-global geo-territory to take on the challenge.
It could become the major and most effective transition movement in history.
Interested ?



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World Societal Governance e-Resort


World Societal Transition Plan 2025
Tasks include
Deliberating and Defining New Global-Local Societal Charters
StS-Transcription Global-Local Open Data Plan
Global-Local Public Documents DataBases Construction Plan
Creation Network Local 3-Screen Triptych Deliberation Rooms
Organization Global-Local Societal Deliberations Program
Organization Global-Local (S)Election System and Programs
Creation Global-Local Entities e-Rational Sectoral Clusters
Creation Global Corporates Network
Introducing New Societal Professions

World Societal System Crowd-Research Program 2019
Algarve Region, Portugal
Program shortly online.
Send us a mail, if you are interested.

A common characteristic of all great historic realizations
is the fact that they were considered as unrealistic, by experts in their field, at the time of their proposal.

Date: 13.10.2019
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SocietalSystem ( StS )