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Current Highlights
From EURACTIV, december 4, 2020
“Europe could become a green economy leader by investing in research, technology and innovation to guarantee jobs creation
and social wellbeing while reducing the climate threat,” Michel told EFE in an interview during the COP25 in Madrid"

StS: where is the reduction of overconsumption, promoting local sharing initiatives, etc. ?
These and other initiatives are at the core of stopping climate change. More technology can help there, otherwise it has a iatrogenic effect.
Example: Electric cars worsen the situation, unless there is a radical reduction of the number of cars and car transport,
in fact with about 50 % of the actual volume

This needs a strong Parallel Intervention.

StS-Concept for Research and Deliberation on Europe's Geo-Role
Topic of a series of StS-Workshops, 2020, Algarve, Portugal
The geo-political power of Europe (re)starts with
* considering "Europe" in its real total space, from Portugal to the Ural, yes including Russia, and from Iceland to Istanbul,
and effectively applying the EU's formal ( see the Lisbon Treaty ) but not-applied geo-subsidiary principle
Note: the clash between the US and China is a unique opportunity for Europe, including Russia, to balance world power,
away from the domination of the US and China, however recognizing both competences and world role.
* Europe taking the role of radically, read systemically innovated,
world deliberative governance platform,
moving the UN hedquarters to, suggested, Portugal.
* Europe, the EU and as a whole, should elaborate and apply an alliance with Africa,
shifting its aid towards a totally new dimension, with interaction of an exponentially higher value.
This will not be possible within the current structures and ( lack of ) vision,
so a new, parallel initiative has to be created.

The present site is part of it.

Project Societal StS-Center, European Union
Suggest a place, in Brussels
Project Societal StS-Center, European Union
Suggest a place, in Central-Europe

Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Current Top Issues, European Union
* European Union Green Deal
* European Union - Africa Relations
* European Union - China Relations
* European Union - United States Relations
* European Union - Rusland Relations
* European Union - NATO Relations

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European Green Deal, December 2019

Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance World Geo-Territorial Relations, European Union

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Program of (S)Elections European Parliament 2024, European Union
See, under revision
: StS-Dossier (S)Elections European Parliament

SocietalSystem-Center with (S)Elections Program in all 27 EU-Countries, 300+ Regions and 25.000+ Municipalities
StS-Master Training Workshops for Local Deliberative Governance Coaches, in Algarve, Portugal

Parallel Deliberative Societal Governance Agenda, European Union

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In preparation:
Program of Workshops for
Societal Governance Coaches, European Union

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Starting January 2020, Lagos, Algarve
World Societal Workshops Program, Algarve, Portugal
Application of the European Union to all
500+ topics.

Pilot Societal Workshop Room, professional conference-ready equiped, and Program
: Hostel The White Butterfly, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Available year-round, also for hostel guest groups with own program, of up to 12 participants.
Plus wide range of parallel educative, cultural, tourist and leisure programs, also for participants' partners.
Powering your projects with a global butterfly effect.

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